448khz RET CET pain relieve machine physical therapy smart tecar physiotherapy tecar therapy machine


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Product name:tecar therapy device tecar therapy 448khz tecar terapia fisioterapi

New following upgraded version with cet ret handles:

Tecar introduction for this tecar terapia fisioterapi:

Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred “by capacity” (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient’s body via a moveable external application electrode. This is covered with an insulating film which acts as dielectric and the body acts as a second plate of the capacitor. A return plate closes the circuit. The electric circulation through the resistive medium formed by the live tissues increases its temperature.
Thermal energy RET wave can penetrate directly into the deep subcutaneous adipose tissue (DSA) to a depth of 1-6 cm and generate energy with the help of skin-formed impedance.

Meanwhile , RET wave can make molecular cell to generate strong rotating resonant (24 million and 500 thousand times per second), which causes intense collision among cells and makes the fat cells explode instantaneously when the nuclear magnetic vibrations frequency reach the highest range, it reaches a body sculpting result by heating the deep fat layer then liquifying fat, acceleration the cycle of the deep layer blood capillary and lymphatic tissue, excreting the melted fat by the body’s natural metabolism.

Tecar Therapy with tecar terapia fisioterapi:
The Endogenous Thermotherapy based on the principle of capacitive and resistive energy transfer (Capacitive-Resistive Diathermy) has an effect within the biological tissues, activating the body’s natural repairing and anti-inflammatory processes from within.

Tecar Therapy is a physical therapy that is part of the endogenous thermotherapy, able to significantly reduce recovery and
rehabilitation time by stimulating the activation of all the body’s natural repair processes. All this thanks to the application
of radiofrequency current that causes a thermal reaction in the tissues that stimulates the body’s natural healing response with immediate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on muscles, tendons, cartilage or bones ligaments. The two systems, capacitive and resistive, allow the operator to easily adjust the therapy according to the type of pathology. Capacitive transfer for tissues with high water content (muscles), resistive transfer for tissues with the highest resistance and low water content (bones, tendons, adipose tissues).

Function of tecar terapia fisioterapi:
The precise and aimed effect of the Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy on the hypertonic muscle fibers causes their immediate relaxation. The effect of myorelaxation is primarily based on vasodilation, which occurs immediately during the therapy and is responsible for higher supply of nutrients into the tissue.

The improvement of tissue metabolism is a natural and valuable secondary outcome of the therapy. It leads to faster healing of the traumatized soft tissue and faster reabsorption of post-injury haematomas.
The walls of the arterioles are enlarged and the precapillary sphincters relaxed, allowing increased local blood perfusion. This leads to an increase of the lymphatic processes (drainage) and subsequently to reduction of the edema.
The principal effect of the Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy–the pain relief–results from muscle relaxation, edema reduction, tissue regeneration and healing.
Handpieces for tecar terapia fisioterapi:

The advantages of tecar terapia fisioterapi:

1.Double frequency:

300Khz and 450khz make RET and CET really have deep and shallow differences,the deeper penetration of ret can reach 10cm without energy loss.

2.High power:

In terms of time,similar products are around 80w,our maximum power is 300w,and practical power is 250w,High power means that the internal components must be of good quality.

3.Patent appearance.

Unique appearane design.

4.Handle diversification

Optional double 80mm handle allows better flexibility in operation,and  better physiotherapy effect.

5.Large screen

10.4-inch led touch screen.

Product details with tecar terapia fisioterapi:

Pain treatment pars for this product:

Technical parameters with tecar terapia fisioterapi:

Product nametecar terapia fisioterapi
RF Frequency448KHZ
Maximum power300w
Hands size20mm,40mm,60mm
Package dimension500*450*370mm
Package weight15kg alu box

Note:80mm ret handle optional,non-standard.

standard configuration accessories: machine

2.CET handle  1pc

3.RET handle 1pc

4.CET tips       3pcs

5.RET tips       3pcs

6. Negative Board   1pc

7.Hexagonal screw driven  1pc

8.Hexagonal screw   2pcs

Weight17 kg
Dimensions52 × 49 × 42 cm


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448khz RET CET pain relieve machine physical therapy smart tecar physiotherapy tecar therapy machine
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